It’s about two weeks until Rosh Hashanah. How do you make your professional efforts in the year ahead make even more of an impact?

Having this clarity and the plan to get there, will kick start you into 5779 with a new resolve, focus and drive.

To help you, take my short quiz below so you get the insights to boost your personal productivity, fundraising success and ultimately, the great outcomes you’re working so hard to achieve for your organization.

Right now – give yourself at least 180 seconds, to write your insights to as many of the questions as you can. As a bonus, email me your answers. I respond to every email.

Your Biggest Contribution
– What’s the biggest contribution you can aspire to make in Am Yisroel in your lifetime?
– What’s one obstacle that’s stopping you from getting there right now?
– When this obstacle is removed, how will you be able to power your efforts moving forward?

– What one thing will you do in 5779 to get you over this hurdle to the ‘possible you?’

Your Focused Vision
– If I were to wake you in the middle of the night and ask you what you want to achieve in the year ahead, what would you share? 

 Your Best Fundraising

– Are you thinking (or making efforts), at least 5 times a week, of how you can acquire a donor twice as large as your present largest donor?

 – If not, are you ready to take on the dream donor challenge? (To set aside time to figure out the efforts you need to make to acquire a dream donor to your organization.)

 – What one mindset do you need that will take your fundraising to the next level? 

– If you had three more hours a week to fundraise what would you do?

– What skill do you commit to acquire this year, to move you beyond what you’re currently achieving in your fundraising?

Your Best Efforts
– What are you spending too much of your week doing?
– What are you spending too little of your week doing?

– What productivity change will you make happen this year so you spend more of your week on the important stuff? 
– What will you do today to get the ball rolling?

That’s it!

Now make sure to come up with an answer to each question.

Think fast and see what you come up with. Write the first answer that comes into your head. (On the second round you can spend more time refining your answers.)


Avraham Lewis guides great people, with amazing projects, to change their current reality and up their fundraising game and personal productivity, through effective mindsets, strategies and techniques that have a track record of raising more funds.  

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