We’ve all watched the increased popularity of the internet and social media cause the English language to transform with stunning momentum. In a world of emojis and tweets, where accepted style and usage keeps evolving, the value of correct grammar hasn’t changed – if anything, it’s more critical than ever. Here are two reasons why:


This may sound obvious, but we write to give over a message, and grammar comprises the rules that keep our language clear and consistent. The more meticulous a writer is with grammar, the better understood his content will be. Because we’re so inundated by information, only the clearest, most concise ideas stick. Readers won’t spend time trying to decide what you mean. If the message isn’t clear, they’ll move on.

Over 50% of users spend 15 seconds or less on blog posts – so if your message isn’t immediately clear, it will be lost. 


The written word is often the only way an impression will formed about you. For better or for worse, you will be judged by your language usage. Proper grammar connotes authority, attention to detail and sophistication. Sloppy spelling, colloquial abbreviations, and careless punctuation showcases laziness and irresponsibility.

 Potential employers typically spend six seconds on every resume, with four out of ten CVs getting discarded because of poor grammar.

 It takes time and energy to create materials for print or online media, and it’s critical to maximize readability and clarity. For rabbis and educators particularly, who convey complex topics in English, Hebrew and often Aramaic, proper grammar and structure will determine the coherence and cogency of your content.

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