Our goal should be to perform mitzvos with energy, quickness, focus and excitement. As the Mesillas Yeshorim explains in Chapter 6, with the Gemara Pesochim 4a, with zerizus we are eager to do mitzvos as soon as possible. As we develop a genuine desire to act properly, we should do so now, this very moment, by choosing to study Torah, pray to Hashem or help someone.  [The world stands on these 3 choice mitzvos; Avos 1:2.]

Right now we are studying Torah on how to perform a mitzvah with ‘zerizus’ – early and swiftly.

Be On Time

If you really wanted to meet with the C.E.O. and C.F.O. of a billion dollar company, would you arrive 10 minutes late to the meeting? [Would you get stuck in traffic on the way there?]

Hurrying to do something is a sign of your desire and love to do it!

Can you accomplish more, faster, or more efficiently in less time? It depends on how eager, alert and determined you are. One who chooses to be aware and alert can find an opportunity that can be utilized to your benefit. You can come up with an idea that you can act upon which can change your life.

In the words of Avos 4:2: “Run to do mitzvos.”

Move Quickly

There are many mitzvah opportunities that surround us daily that we can seize if we are alert, quick and action-oriented.

Mitzvah Momentum

When we are in mitzvah motion, we tend to continue that way, as we learn in Avos 1:2, “One mitzvah pulls us to another one.”

Mesillas Yeshorim teaches an amazing statement… “All righteous people move quickly.”

Hashem has designed us with an incredible guided mechanism that we can program with clear, specific, written and measurable goals.

We need to launch ourselves and pray to activate Hashem’s systems. “On the path one is determined to go, Hashem will lead him,” Makos 10b.

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