Which Daf of Shas Has Made the Biggest Impact on Your Life?

Each person probably has their own tailor-made answer:

  • Some Dafim obviously change your life.
  • Some inspire us to live our dreams.
  • Some stir our heart and uplift our soul.
  • Some stimulate and inspire us to take action to live our best.
  • A Daf can be learned in about an hour to help us gain spiritual success, freedom and direction in life.

But which Daf do you consider the most impactful one?

The Saying

Someone said, “If you don’t know where you are headed in life, you may not like where you end up.” This reminds me of Daf 10b in Mesechtas Makos which teaches the great principle, “On the path one desires to go, that is where Hashem will lead him.”

What about all of the Talmudical advice on how to succeed financially, why didn’t you choose one of those Dafim?

No. Money is not the key that makes one happy!

The actual key to happiness is in Avos 4:1, “To be happy with what you have already.” Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “You are richer than you think you are!”

The Decision

What decision is the most important one you will ever make? We can say it’s the decision to live with the awareness that Hashem leads people on the path they choose!

The Torah and its commentary, the Shas, teach us how to view life the Torah way – with Hashem’s instructions.  We get to see things the right way – how to live with eternal, Divine guidelines.

Some people argue, ‘If Hashem leads you where you choose to go,’ I want to be rich, so why isn’t Hashem leading me there faster??’

The answer may be because Hashem also wants to educate us to know how to define true wealth! We need to look up Mesechta Taanis 9a, the top line…

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