Schools across North America are temporarily closing (or preparing to close), due to the Coronavirus pandemic that is seemingly affecting cities by the second. We are all scrambling to find creative and relevant ways to keep students on-track and engaged as they learn from home.

Torah Live is stepping up and helping by offering a free premium user account for everyone! The Torah Live premium membership includes access to all videos, games, quizzes and certificates of course completion.

“We recognize that continuing to impart Jewish studies and Torah study during this difficult time can be extremely challenging for schools and communities,” Torah Live founder and director Rabbi Dan Roth said. “We’re looking at this as an all hands on deck moment. The tech-team is working to ensure we can handle the influx, and we are hard at work getting the word out to parents. We want to help parents and educators get through this tough time as smoothly as possible.”

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please email: for more information and to register.

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