The coronavirus has forced the unprecedented closing of shuls worldwide. Moreover, because the virus is so contagious and it is difficult to ensure that social distancing will prevent inadvertent transmission, many communities have restricted davening to the home – b’yichidus. Rabbi Asher Arieli, Rosh Hayeshiva of Mir, said on Friday we face the challenge of not being able to utilize tefillah b’tzibur to daven to Hashem at this difficult time. On the other hand, as Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer, points out, davening at home does present us with opportunities: 

“It is an opportunity to deepen our relationship with Hashem, to daven more slowly and with greater intent, and from a place of modesty and humility. At the same time, it calls us to sharpen our knowledge of halachos related to davening alone, at home—some of which do not apply when davening in a minyan, and some of which are just taken for granted without our being aware of them.” 

For halachic guidance on davening b’yichidus, in addition to Rabbi Pfeffer’s article linked above, please click here to read Rabbi Aharon Lipa Mann’s COVID – 19 Guide to Davening Alone. 

May Hashem answer our tefillos l’tovah and may we be zoche to see yeshuas Hashem b’karov mamash!


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