This Pesach you can engage your family, friends and guests with the all-new Pesach Jeopardy Game! I have prepared an easy DIY game to print out and assemble that will spread simcha and meaning at the Seder, and throughout Pesach. It’s a great, fun opportunity to learn about the mitzvos of Pesach and a springboard for more questions, answers and discussion.


(Please click here to see how to set up the game, as I did in my home)

There are five categories of topics comprising the columns of the board:

  1. PTL (Praise the Lord – which is Hallel)
  2. Holy Crackers (Matzah)
  3. Red, Red Wine (4 Cups of Wine)
  4. Story Time! (Maggid)
  5. Uncle Herb (Bitter Herbs!)

-You can have up to six questions per category, in increasing amounts of $200, beginning with $200 up to $1200, or just have five questions with the largest reward of $1000.

Click here to download and then print the categories, answers, and monetary amounts.

Click here to download and then print the questions.

– Get poster boards (oak tags…like a big piece of card stock), cut them to the size paper (e.g., 8 1/2 x 11 or A4) for the answers and monetary amounts that you will print out. Then staple the answers onto the poster board and then the monetary amount on top of that. So, you will have three layers per challenge: On the bottom is the poster board, then the answer, and then on top is the monetary amount.
– Then tape these columns to your bookshelves, for example.

– A contestant picks a category and an amount: For example: “Red, Red, Wine” for $200. Then someone flips up that monetary amount and the “answer” is revealed…and then the contestant needs to provide the question to the answer. (e.g., “The answer is 4,’ so the contestant responds, ‘How many cups of wine do we drink at the Seder?’ Most of the “questions” are straightforward.
-You can take breaks throughout the Seder or have one main competition during the Seder…up to you.
– In the meantime, Happy Printing, Happy Stapling, and Happy Pesach!!!

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