With summer upon us, wouldn’t it be a great opportunity to jump start a Zoom gemara class or chavrusas? Learning gemara is the perfect antidote to the Covid 19 restrictions by opening your students’ horizons and transporting them to a new frontier. Your students will be intrigued by the depth, sophistication and logic of Talmudic analysis. Choose a few of the contemporary topics from the Olami Thinking Gemara Series to introduce them to the challenge, relevance and methodology of gemara study through case-driven sugiyos. 

Each shiur features Teacher’s and Student’s Guides. The classes appear in both Word and graphically enhanced PDF formats to either print out the shiurim in their entirety or to copy and paste to build a class according to your specifications. 

Each shiur features several cases which can be taught over approximately one to three sessions, depending on how much of the material you want to include in a given class, and how much of each session is dedicated to chavrusah learning and discussion.

Once you see your students are making progress and feeling comfortable, you can move on to a mesechta of your choice to begin their journey in learning gemara “inside.” Plan a systematic approach using the new and free Big Gemara Words chart  and help them build vocabulary and understand the gemara’s structure.

Hatzlacha raba!




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