How do homing pigeons find their way home? How were seeds created so that humans would help spread them?

The great mysteries of biology clearly demonstrate how complicated everything in the world is. It was all carefully designed and exactly suited to its purpose. Everything we experience every day comes from Hashem!

Before we read Parshas Bereishis, watch Wisdom in Creation, sponsored by Jim & Jill Kapenstein of Los Angeles, in honor of their parents, Steven and Susan Caller and Betty Myers and Ira Kapenstein zt”l.

You’ll be reminded of how we can feel Hashem’s presence just by looking around at the world he created.

Watch the trailer here:

During COVID-19, as many families have turned to videos to keep their children occupied and learning in a fun way, Torah Live has kept its basic membership free and provided educators with free accounts as well. In order to fund this, and the production of a new epic video series on chesed and lovingkindness, a series on good character trait development, new chapters from the Emunah & Tefillah series, the Hilchos Shabbos series, and much, much more, Torah Live is crowdfunding from the community. An initial campaign has garnered over $500,000, but more funds are needed, so the platform is still active and accepting donations.

Click here to watch Wisdom in Creation and to make a donation.

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