Eytan Buchman March 14, 2021

Just to be upfront, this is an email about the shortest email in the world. As you can already see, this one goes on for a whiiiile.

So last week, someone made me blondies and I loved them. So when I asked them for the recipe, it got super awkward when they told me it was my recipe (link here). 

Yes, this profound anecdote has a purpose.

There are only so many ways to market. There are only so many channels, so many USPs, so many target audiences. And the best marketing organizations typically use the exact same channels as the worst.

What’s different is that even when they take an existing recipe, they throw their own twist on it.

An example, if you will.

Sticker Mule is an incredible company. Anyone can print stickers, but they’ve cornered the laptop decoration sticker market. Their videos are a thing of beauty (scroll down), their Twitter account is a grab bag of awesome, giveaways, and randomness…but their emails are a bona fide work of art.

The subject lines are about as dry as you can get…

And even though their social media account and videos are produced to the T, their emails are usually just one line long. Here’s a recent one:

Hi Eytan,

Clear vinyl, full color, can’t lose.

Get 50 clear stickers for $19 (normally $74) + free shipping.

Cofounder, Sticker Mule

That’s it. Every one of their emails look like that. 

What is amazing about this isn’t the email itself. We all know that recipe – email your users about your product. 

But we also have an idea in our head of what a product marketing email recipe is. It has a beautiful hero image, differentiators, social proof, urgency, calls to action, secondary content….

Not Sticker Mule. 

They found a recipe and stuck with it. Stunts are fun but when you do your business basics really, really well, in the right way for your customers, things just work. 

Which brings me to my most recent podcast episode.

I got to interview Amit Bivas, the VP Marketing at Optimove. 

They nailed content creation (they have their own publication called Post Funnel, which you’ve probably read), account-based marketing (using atomic content as a methodology and an amazing tech stack), and go, as Amit says, “Inch wide, mile deep” on marketing. It’s the same tactics but some very, very unique recipes that helped them corner 30% of the gaming CRM market.

Listen to the full episode here

That’s it from my side. I’m going to go read some Sticker Mule tweets while eating blondies.

Eytan Buchman is CMO of the largest freight marketplace in the world, Freightos, and has extensive digital marketing, growth-hacking, social media, PR and branding experience. By night, he interviews marketing heroes on Marketers in Capes, a short-form marketing podcast.

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