So who is Rabbi ______? Tell me about his organization? I hope you say something like, “I’m that approachable guy who helps students and/or young professionals connect to timeless Jewish wisdom, have a more meaningful life as a Jew, and in all human experiences.”

It’s important that you keep your personal and organizational brand moving forward.

For instance:  You went into the first day of the pandemic as yet another rabbi and educator – looking forward to speaking to a room full of students and now you have transitioned to a showrunner for a weekly video show and a podcast. 

So yes, you keep your brand moving all the time.

Think about it…

What makes people learn and connect with you instead of someone else?

What makes people pay attention when you launch a new project, set of online classes or yes…even a trip? 

Once you have THAT figured out, ask yourself the question: are you keeping it moving? Are you looking for the next opportunity to apply your brand – to a business experience or challenge? And what does that look like?

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