Tragedy can open opportunities for unity. We are all familiar with the tragedy that occurred on Lag B’Omer this year in Meron. However, we may not be familiar with the unique and special qualities possessed by these 45 people, mostly young men and boys.

One of these boys was Elazar Yitzchak Koltai, zt”l (fondly called Azi), a 13-year-old boy noted for doing “micro good acts.” Azi was known (although the stories were mainly revealed during shiva) for doing tiny acts of kindness with joy and acting respectfully to all people, regardless of “type.”  A micro good act is a meaningful, tiny deed performed with intent and purpose and done regularly. It might be a smile or even a greeting.

In our desire to unite the Jewish people, as well as to bless and give merit to Azi’s memory, the Koltai Family ( in conjunction with the Be a Mensch Foundation (, is sponsoring a project asking every Jew to perform a micro good act.

The project embraces the entire Jewish nation irrespective of any affiliation or lack thereof.

The commitment to participate in the project requires no special time or financial assistance. We are interested in you, your friends, your family and extended family and any person you have contact with to participate by doing a little deed – ANY THOUGHTFUL ACT OF KINDNESS – in  memory of Elazar Yitzchak zt”l.

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