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The lead-up to Rosh Hashanah is a time when Jewish people like to give tzedaka. And reaching out to Jews, giving them the opportunity to give their tzedaka for your projects, could be a way to strengthen their involvement in your organization, as well as increasing their merits at this time of year.

If you plan well, and work hard, you can also use this time of year to move your donors to become bigger and better supporters of your projects and organization.

So how do you roll out your ultimate Rosh Hashanah fundraising effort?

In part two of this post, we will explore a simple system that works very well for the organizations I work with, making their fundraising efforts much more effective and successful.

Start Early
Rosh Hashanah is early this year and your supporters may be on their summer vacations. Don’t let this stop you; not everyone is away.

And even if they are, ask them if you can schedule a meeting for when they return, or may be they’ll be open to a fundraising call while they relax by the pool!

Start now to give yourself a head start and get asking for support before everyone else! (Try not to get caught up in the details of the design of your Rosh Hashanah cards or honey containers! If you can fundraise, then leave this to others.)

What is my goal for this donor?
Make a list of your donors and organize them from large to small, according to their most recent donations. This will help you focus on your biggest potential first.

Next, one by one, take a look at each name and ask yourself:

“Based on what they have already given, what is the next donation amount that they maybe be capable of?”

Shoot high! You don’t know what’s possible until you ask. But if you don’t try, you definitely won’t succeed.

What do I need to do for the donor to say YES to a new larger donation?
Then, ask yourself:

“What do I need to do for each donor on my list so they will say YES at this higher level?”

Listen to your immediate gut feeling. This takes practice. Have fun and enjoy the experience!

his could be as simple as showing the donor what you have achieved with his or her support, and by telling them a success story that makes them feel great.

In the second part of this post, we’ll explore how to continue to capitalize on this sort of campaign.

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