Across the frum world, educators are seeing a frightening disconnect between students and their Judaism. While there are many factors that contribute to this, one of the most obvious is that today’s frum youth are simply not convinced that the mesorah being presented to them is the truth. Some have difficulty reconciling modern science, such as the theory of evolution, with the Chumash or with Chazal. Others are in doubt about the Divine origin of the Torah. The oral Torah system is a great source of confusion to many. Who made it up? Has it changed? Why should we obey it? Still others are not even convinced that the Creator really exists.

Religious schools have always taken for granted that their students are ma’aminim, and their curriculum is based upon that premise. Hence, there is usually little effort to demonstrate to the talmidim the veracity of their heritage. As a result, many educators are not familiar with the methodology that can indeed impress upon our youth the truth of the Torah. To this end, we have begun giving training courses to familiarize educators with suitable, age appropriate methodology to impart emunah to their students.

For these reasons, the Ani Maamin Foundation was created four years ago. We have audio and written materials specially designed to present compelling evidence for these vital emunah concepts, and also offer live presentations for parents, educators and students.

Our materials have also been used successfully by many kiruv professionals who want to equip themselves with a clear Torah approach to the fundamentals of Judaism.

For a limited time our landmark 10 hour lecture series entitled “Know What to Answer to Yourself” is available on for free download!

May Hashem Yisborach grant us all the z’chus to be mechazek a generation so desperately in need of chizuk.



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