NLE Resources invites rabbis and educators from around the world to contribute guest posts. Rabbi David Etengoff, is the director of educational technology at the Magen David Yeshivah Elementary School in Brooklyn, New York. We are honored to once again feature a guest post from Rabbi Etengoff in which he shares his thoughts on which websites every rabbi and educator should know of and bookmark.

We live in an age of information overload. This is true regarding all branches of study, including Judaic and Torah Studies. As such, I believe that it is crucial to “separate the wheat from the chaff,” and focus upon authentically substantive sites that value-add to one’s research equation.

Below, I have curated nine sites that I think are incredibly worthwhile to know of and bookmark as I’m certain that every rabbi and educator will find each link useful.

1) Sefarim Links from One of the most comprehensive sites on the entire Web. Truly the world of Jewish learning at your digital fingertips.

2) Princeton University: A vast and varied collection of links that cover the entire gamut of Torah  and Jewish Studies.

3) University of Pennsylvania: Similar to Princeton’s offerings – yet differentiated enough to make using it very advisable.

4) Virtual Beit Midrash: Amazing shiurim and powerful Torah insights.

5) One of the truly amazing gems on the Internet. More than 40,000 actual complete Jewish texts in freely downloadable PDF format. This is the ultimate “no excuses” site.

6) The traditional text of the Talmud Bavli with the complete tzurat hadaf with Rashi and Tosafot.

7) Free access for registered Jewish educators to thousands of resources, especially the Bar Ilan Responsa project including the Encyclopedia Talmudit. Plus, the site offers NLE Morasha Syllabus and much more!

8) Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan zatzal: The Living Torah – perhaps the very best English translation of the Torah in existence.

9) Classic Jewish Texts from Chabad: An amazing repository of classic Jewish Hebrew texts with multiple language translations.

Feel free to share which sites you find most useful. Tzeh u’lmod! Go and Learn!



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