Organizations today are struggling to get a professional edge. They want to attract members and donors to support their cause, but it’s no easy task. Aside from the myriad of marketing tools and design, here is a new way to add some polish to your image…Voice Overs. Clear and direct Voice Overs that can accompany any and every message you wish to relay.

Using the “right voice” conveys authority and sets you apart as being professionally savvy; everyone will hear that you can hold your own. When you are presenting your fundraising video to a room full of people, they want to hear words being pronounced correctly, with the right tone and inflection. It makes them feel confident in the validity of your organization; they feel a part of something real.

This naturally creates a sense of respect and level of credibility that engenders trust from your current and potential followers. The listeners find themselves engaged and drawn into your mission which elicits reactions from them. When introducing a series of classes or even in the post-message of a commercial, you can ask for support and introduce other events in a way that people want to participate.

Simultaneously, it conveys your message in a clear and accurate manner and communicates the content in an attractive and compelling format. If you have online tutorials or “how to’s” you want to have a voice that is the right gender, style, and attitude that matches up to what is being displayed and conveyed. Vocal variety is the key when using various programs such as Animoto or Whiteboard Animation. You should also consider using vocal talent when setting up your phone system. It will help create a more professional presence and won’t give one the impression that you are a “Startup Synagogue.”

You can succeed in making an impact by educating people in an effective way and leaving the listeners with a positive impression of your organization. Hopefully, enrollment and fundraising will soar. When you are looking to hire a professional voice over person, consider the following points:

1. Professionalism – Make sure that the person you select is someone who vocally coveys authority and conviction.

2. Credibility/Respect – This voice should help set you apart from others and engender trust and respect.

3. Engagement – Select a voice that draws in the listeners and elicits positive reactions.

4. Clarity of Message – Be careful. The person you hire should be able to communicate content in attractive and compelling format.

5. Impact – This is most important. Make sure that the person you use leaves users with a positive impression of your organization.

I hope this post is informative. Please feel free to turn to it the next time you need to create an outgoing message, promotional video, online tutorial, class trailers, intro and post class messages, or podcasts.


Rabbi Tzvi Oratz, originally from Elizabeth, New Jersey, has spent the past six years studying in Baltimore, where he completed a Bachelors of Talmudic Law and Masters of Talmudic Law at Ner Israel, and a Masters of Science Education from John Hopkins University. He is also available for Voice Overs! He can be contacted directly at ivztaro at gmail dot com


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