recently featured the Guidelines Chabura metholodgy to assist ba’alei teshuvah to deepen their knowledge of practical halachah. The Guidelines Chabura is a network of innovative shiurim based upon the outstanding Guidelines series of twenty-two sifrei halachah by Rabbis Elozor Barclay and Yitzchok Jaeger, shlit”a.

The books are written in a pleasant, reader-friendly, question-and-answer format. The Guidelines Chabura is designed to take the Guidelines sefer presentation one step further by learning each halachah from the primary sources:  Shulchan Aruch, Mishnah Brurah, and Biur Halachah.

Starting with the halachos and meaning of the Yomim Noraim and Sukkos, The Guidelines Chabura is now offering  a new, daily, five-minute learning program to easily learn and review a halacha-a-day starting with the halachos and meaning of the Three Weeks.  To register, please click here.


Rabbi Eliezer Meir Kahn is the Founder and Director of the Guidelines Chabura. To start a local Guidelines Chabura, or for any questions please contact: or 011-9728-974-4677, 011-97253-314-4677.




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