Torah Live has announced that its joining the gift-giving this Chanukah, with an eight day long raffle of premium memberships. Sign up on the Torah Live website during Chanukah and you’ll be entered into their daily raffle. That’s a full year of access to some of the most exciting Torah materials available today!

For the last eight years, Torah Live and its director, Rabbi Dan Roth, have made it their mission to “translate” the Torah into the language of our generation – multimedia. Concepts in halacha and hashkafa are taught in a clear and visual way through riveting videos and presentations. There are currently 32 courses and new material is being added constantly.

Torah Live presentations are appropriate for adults, children, schools, kiruv organizations and anyone who wants to deepen their connection to Torah and mitzvosWhile you’re on the Torah Live website, check out the thrilling Chanukah adventure. Or click here to learn how Torah Live brings Jewish heritage alive.


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