New materials are being developed to help people learn and teach Gemara skills. The materials include a summary of the Gemara, Rishonim and topics in halacha. It is designed for independent learning as well as for mechanchim and mekarevim to teach their students. 

The materials are being offered free of charge. A sample of the first portion of Lulav HaGazul can be downloaded here from 

The materials are not meant to function as a replacement for, but only as a complement to one’s learning and teaching. They are intended to aid and direct individuals to learn and gain a deeper understanding of the sugyios and to aid independent learning. Questions are distributed throughout the materials to encourage learners to anticipate and think about the shailos of the meforshim.

The materials are being developed initially on Perek Lulav HaGazul, with other parts of Mesechtas Sukkah to follow. Summaries of other Gemaras will be produced subsequently IY”H. Once completed, the notes will be offered either as a complete package covering several Perakim, or on an individual Perek.

For more information on the materials or to sign up to receive them as they become available email:

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  1. abraham

    sholom aleichem im giving a shiur to young baale batim Gmara beiyun on perek lulav hagazul and i really enjoyed your Mare mekomos. can you please send me the complete material on that Perek?
    thank you in advance

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