Nonprofit organizations differ radically from any business entity due to their very core. If business organizations are aimed at making money, nonprofit entities have a noble purpose of helping others. That’s why running a nonprofit organization is a totally different case that demands paying much more attention to details to be successful. This is the reason why being ready for the main trends in charity for 2018 becomes so crucial. Thus, take a look at our 10 trends predictions that every nonprofit needs to know for 2018 to help direct your nonprofit’s development.

1.Charitable giving is expected to grow by 3.8 percent in 2018

Charity has become a major trend nowadays. Helping those who need our assistance is no longer a one-off. Acts of charity are spinning up and go in a different scale. Charity stops being about promoting politicians before elections or reducing taxes for businessmen. For ordinary people, it’s about making our world better. No wonder that charitable giving is expected to grow by 3.8 percent in 2018 according to the recent research conducted by several independent companies. This is, perhaps, the most important information nonprofits should keep in mind: charity has turned into a major trend.

2. Individual giving is expected to grow by 3.2 percent in 2018

Because on the fact that individual income is expected to grow, no wonder more and more people are going to take part in charity. Taking into account this trend for 2018, nonprofit organizations need to spread awareness about the services they provide. The more people find out about your organization, the more trust you gain. Since people’s participation in charity will grow, you may plan and hold even more charitable events in 2018 than you did in 2017.

3. Estate giving will decrease in 2018

Estate giving is projected to decrease in 2018. Thus, planned gifts provided from estates will be less common. Despite the fact that estate giving allows certain tax deductions, it’s going to be replaced by a range of other charitable opportunities. Nonprofit organizations should be aware of that and plan, develop and promote other ways of receiving charity.

4. Healthcare causes will grow in importance

Which charitable niche is the most important one: environment, human rights protection, animal protection, etc.? This question will hardly ever have a correct answer. However, if thinking of the largest charitable niche, it’s definitely going to be healthcare. Fighting disease, trying to discover the crucial cure, or helping people recover from their sicknesses will attract much attention in 2018. Nonprofit organizations just need to encourage this trend.

5. Eye-catching design for nonprofits

Nonprofits need to be even more informative than business organizations. What’s more, in terms of their website or mobile app design, they need to attract people’s attention in a very simple way. This is the time when call-to-action buttons do come in handy. In addition to the information you provide on your website, inventive DONATE NOW buttons will be a must in 2018. The main thing is that these buttons be informative such as detailing payment methods.

6. Tell your story in 2018

In 2018, things are going to get more personal. And there is nothing more personal than storytelling. Video and storytelling content are effective tools to engage viewers. That’s why more and more nonprofit redesign their websites and use video stories as a background. Use social media to help bring those stories closer to life and create a strong bond between people interested in supporting nonprofit causes.

7. Customer relationship management brought to a different level

In order to avoid the overload of paperwork, special customer relationship management platforms will be enhanced that facilitate the work of nonprofit organizations, helping them with their documentation, emails, and general administrative work. As popularity grows, these platforms can surely be named as a new trend for 2018.

8. Humanization

Don’t forget that charity is all about people who donate their time, money, or even blood to save others. That’s why the concept of charity itself is going to change in 2018; it will become more personal, humanizing, and touching. If you succeed in adding the sparkle of human touch to your nonprofit organization, your prominence will grow.

9. Mobile optimization

Nonprofit organizations differ from business in many ways, but not in mobile optimization. In 2018, every nonprofit should offer a mobile app to make donations simple and easy. What’s more, the mobile version should include a recognizable logo and informative pages. For example, the Triangle Nonprofit & Volunteer Leadership Center recently upgraded its logo redesign to make it suitable for browsing its website on different gadgets. The redesign was performed by DesignContest and, among 340 custom designs offered, they chose the design they liked the most. This very logo design is now used for different advertising materials (e.g. flyers and T-shirt designs) aimed at promoting this organization.

10. The growth of fundraising

2018 promises a significant growth in fundraising. As a result, this will help to raise the necessary money to be wisely invested to reach each nonprofit’s goal. In order to power this trend, nonprofits need to find more supporters who will also be able to promote the organization’s goals and activities on social media.

BONUS: Bottom line

These 10 trends that every nonprofit needs to know for 2018 will help you build a strategy that can assist in raising money and promoting charity. However, you need to remember that you should always act according to the situation. Conduct a careful analysis before embarking on any of the recommendations above to determine those that could prove the most productive.





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