Truth be told, if you want a blog that earns plenty of traffic and engagement, you should probably pass the reins. Outsourcing this task to the right professional can have impressively positive results. It also frees up your time to use your talents in more valuable ways.

A Professional Writer will be Able to Create Quality Content Quickly

One of the keys to getting lots subscribers and traffic to your blog is to reliably produce relevant content on a regular basis. That’s something that a professional writer has the training and experience to do.

Audiences respond to posts that are informative, instructional, and entertaining. They expect research and data. A good writer not only can do those things, they can do them quickly. As a result, your audience can expect lots of great, engaging content on a regular basis.

The Pros Have Access to Tools That Make Blog Posts Sing

If you hire a great writer, they will have much more than a word processor at their disposal. Your writer will probably have access to tools that perform the following functions:

  • Selecting and Analyzing Keywords
  • Evaluating Headlines for Catchiness and Appeal
  • Optimizing and Editing Images
  • Placing Meta Tags and Descriptions
  • SEO
  • Building Infographics
  • Gauging Content Readability

When you read a well-written blog post with plenty of visuals that’s often thanks to the work the writer has done. These tools help make your blog posts more engaging, and improve your search engine rankings too.

Your Talents Are Probably Better Used Elsewhere

Whatever it is that you do, you are probably serving your company better if you focus on doing that, not on writing about what you do. Whether that’s sales, speaking to the media, working in research and development, daily operations management, or raising investment funds, you will almost always get more dollar value out of that than writing a blog.

Some of the best online writing websites have writers available who can quickly take over your blogging tasks. This will give you the opportunity to grow your business and ensure things operate smoothly.

Blogging Isn’t Just About Writing

The work of blogging doesn’t begin and end with your first and last sentence. There’s much more to it. First, there’s topic selection. That’s not as simple as picking a topic relating to your business and writing about it. You have to know what is trending right now and what your audience is looking for today.

Once a topic has been selected, the next step is to choose an approach. Readers want strong opinions. They want thought leadership. Mostly they want information that they can put to use in their own lives.

Then there are the other things to consider. What about blog promotion? Are you prepared to do the work of promoting new blog posts on social media? Are you prepared to deal with the work of publishing blog posts? What about responding to audience engagement on top of all of that?

Your Voice and Thoughts Can and Will Still Have A Place

A professional writer isn’t going to simply go off and write about whatever they want. They work for you at your direction. This means that you can tell them what kind of writing voice you want them to use, which topics you want to cover, and the views and opinions you want expressed.

Your writer can include quotes from you in your blog posts. They can discuss specific products. All of that is up to you.

Conclusion: When You Do Write, It Can Have a Big Impact

Blogging is stressful. Everything from topic selection to SEO to promotion takes considerable time and effort. Doing these things on top of writing and your other duties is a formula for boring, insipid blog posts. So, why not let a professional take care of the lion’s share of that work? Then, when you do decide to write a blog post or two, you’ll have the time and energy to create something impressive.


Luisa Brenton is a brand development manager and educational writer.


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