Six years ago I wrote the first Hebrew volume of Umekareiv Biyamin (ומקרב בימין), an in-depth analysis of the most commonly asked questions posed to kiruv rabbanim. Some issues discussed in the sefer include inviting Shabbos guests driving to the meal, counting non-observant Jews for a minyan, and Reform marriage in halacha. The sefer has haskamos and divrei bracha from leading gedolim of America including Rabbi Reuven Feinstein shlita, Rabbi Yisroel Belsky shlita and Rabbi Noach Oelbaum shlita. (Although this sefer is currently sold out, you can read and download a free copy from  

Three years ago I published Umekareiv Biyamin Volume Two, featuring additional commonly posed questions to kiruv rabbanim. Some topics discussed in that sefer include whether to perform a pidyon haben when one does not know if the child is a Kohen, Levi or Yisrael, attending a wedding in a conservative synagogue, using secular tunes for davening, naming children after non-observant Jews, and whether a person who is now a Baal Teshuva can recite Kaddish for a parent belatedly who had passed away before he became religious.

B”H, I have just published Umekareiv Biyamin Volume Three, discussing some of the more common questions posed to rabbanim in Kiruv and Chinuch.

Among the topics discussed in this sefer include:

  • Changing the name of a baal teshuva
  • Is there an issue of maaris ayin when sitting in a non-kosher restaurant
  • Birthdays in halacha
  • Can I trust a baal teshuva who says that he is a kohen
  • What to do if one cooked kosher food in a non-kosher oven

To see a free sample of the sefer click here. You can order copies of Umekrareiv Biyamin Volumes Two and Three by please contacting: Copies cost $12 and $11 respectively (plus shipping and handling). The price will be reduced for bulk orders. 



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