Are you looking for some inspiration? You are at the right place. Here are some of the most inspiring nonprofit founders and some lessons you can learn from them:

Larsen Jay

CEO, Random Acts of Flowers

Larsen Jay’s story started when he experienced a near-fatal accident and had to go through several surgeries before he could be back on his feet. He had a rocky recovery and many challenges to face. However, he found solace and inspiration in floral arrangements that he received while he was in the hospital. While he was recovering, he observed that other patients weren’t fortunate enough to get those beautiful flowers that helped him heal so much.

So, he didn’t mope around and he started repurposing his bouquets to create arrangements he could give to other patients in order to provide encouragement and emotional support. Right then and there, Random Acts of Flowers, his nonprofit company was born.

Today, he has a nonprofit that still has the same values. He is repurposing flowers to create bouquets that he can then give to people in hospitals, looking for recovery and support. Flowers are a scientifically proven aid to ill people.

Adrian Nazari

CEO of Credit Sesame

Adrian Nazari is a founder and CEO of Credit Sesame, a nonprofit which helps their users manage their finances and learn more about saving and making money. He is a pioneer in liabilities management and an expert who has appeared on many respected publications and news channels like CBS and ABC as well as being a key speaker at Money 2020, a financial services innovation event. Before he founded Credit Sesame, he founded Financial Crossing and Financial Circuit which developed liability solutions for banks and other institutions.

“He is a truly amazing person, strongly focused helping people with finances because he is aware of just how confusing it can be. Just because finances and finance management is so crucial, he insists on helping people who are not aware of this or able to manage their own finances,” says Jonas Graham, a Senior Marketer 1Day 2Write and Brit Student.

Doniece Sandoval

Founder and CEO, Lava Mae

“Doniece decided to tackle an overwhelming issue that not all people are ready to deal with. Homelessness. However, she took on an interesting aspect of homelessness: how the lack of hygiene hurts human dignity,” says Sarah Jenkins, a Tech writer at Write My X.

She founded Lava Mae in 2013. Ever since then she started converting busses into fully functional bathrooms with showers and toilets. These busses are fully mobile and they help people clean themselves up. Her company is in San Francisco and she has helped more than 4,000 people who have taken more than 20,000 showers in her busses. However, her company has an even greater impact because of the fact that she started a revolution – cities around the world are incorporating these busses to help their homeless.

Lessons We Can Learn:

  • Opportunities are everywhere. These people all took on daunting problems that society has but they also managed to find great opportunities to tackle these issues.
  • They are just like us. These three nonprofit CEO’s are just like us. They were impacted by a problem and they decided to do something about it.
  • Seek excellence. Nonprofit organization may settle for just good enough sometimes, but most of the time they strive for perfection. These people didn’t stop at average as well.
  • Split big challenges into small ones. Finally, just like they managed to deal with huge issues by taking on small parts of that issue, you can do that too.

Hopefully this article managed to remind you of the good work these people are doing and of the humanity it takes to take on these projects. Take their cues and learn from them do what you can to make this world a better place.



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