Never waste money on marketing again! It’s a known fact that most of the money invested by small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and organizations in “marketing” is not used optimally, as it’s generally used on tactics without solid foundational strategy to back it up.

On Wednesday, December 11th, Strand Consulting is offering an exclusive Nonprofit Marketing Masterclass that will address the following areas:

The Ultimate ‘On-Demand’ Marketing Strategy for Nonprofits
Learn the framework that will guarantee your marketing investment will never be wasted.
–Unique Branding
Learn to express your uniqueness in an environment where donors think every organization like yours is the same.

–Ideal Donors
How to find and court the best donors for your cause.
–Marketing Magic
The system you need to market to both your donor base as well as volunteers and constituents/participants without spending a lot of money.
–Marketing for Nonprofits
It’s a known fact that most of the money invested by nonprofits in “marketing” is not used optimally.

Join us as we show you why and how to strategize by providing a framework that will allow you to do your own marketing successfully and more effectively guide the various marketers and designers you hire.

We’ll also answer questions like “How active do you need to be on social media and what are the best platforms to use today?” and “How do I use marketing to up my donations without feeling fake?”   

If you run a nonprofit, this webinar is not only going to save you $$$, but will also change your
life. We are scheduling the webinar in advance of Chanukah and year-end to enable you to
jumpstart your nonprofit’s performance in Year 2020.

For more information and to register please see:


Mrs. Estie Rand is an internationally acclaimed lecturer and business consultant who worked in the Jewish NPO world for over 10 years, before founding Strand Consulting. An international boutique business consultancy, Strand Consulting is based in Los Angeles and specializes in servicing small businesses and nonprofits to earn more money with less headache by guiding founders and owners in marketing strategy and business development.


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