At a time when we are told to fight by staying at home, this campaign becomes even more meaningful, powerful and uniting as we remember and honor those who had to fight by going out to battle. To defend Israel, our Jewish home. The Gemara tells us that the ultimate kavod is to learn Torah for the honor and elevation of the neshama of those who have died.

There have been 23,786 soldiers and security forces who’ve died in wars, battles and insurgent attacks. And now, together as a global community, we can learn Torah and send sentiments of love and respect to the bereaved families. Many of these families have reached out to us asking to connect to those who honor their loved ones. It’s a beautiful opportunity to connect your students to Israel and its citizens. Organizations can take part in several ways:

  1. At the most simple level, they can create a group on the campaign website, and encourage each of their community members to honor one fallen hero. Together, as a community, they can set a goal for how many you want to honor.
  2. They can host an online learning event, where they learn together in honor of the fallen. Each can go to the site during the event and share what they learned, and who for here and here are some learning materials to help them run this event.
Below, (and here ) is a video to help promote the campaign:

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