People living in all parts of the world are facing so many problems due to COVID-19. The global spread of the virus has made it impossible for many company owners and employees to manage work efficiently. Many of the offices have been closed and hundreds to thousands of workers are now jobless.

The worst part is that no one knows when the coronavirus will be solved. No vaccine has been developed so far and there is nothing we can do except stay at home or in lockdowns. In such a situation, the only thing that is possible for our survival is working from home. How can you work effectively and productively from home? It is certainly difficult. However, with the right kinds of measures or practices, we can surely achieve success. The major points to keep in mind are mentioned below.

1. Maintain Regular Hours

Whether you’re a team leader, employee or freelancer, one of the key challenges of working from home is maintaining an efficient work schedule. A team of experts at Edu Jungles has made it clear that setting a schedule is important. More importantly, we need to stick to this schedule.

It means if you have decided to work for five to seven hours from home, then you have to allocate this much time every single day. During this time, you should not waste moments here and there and instead need to focus on your work.

One of the core advantages of remote working is that you can set your own timetable. For example, if you want to work during the daytime, then you can adjust things accordingly. Similarly, if you want to work at night, then you can dedicate hours at that time. Either way, you have to ensure that the work you do is top-notch quality and as per the requirements of customers.

2. Create a Morning Routine

One of the best ways to manage work from home is to create a morning routine. Keep in mind that it is also good to work at night since you can arrange not to be disturbed by any family members or friends. However, there is still no alternative to the freshness of the morning hours.

We suggest you wake up early in the morning and decide when will you sit down to do some work. For example, you can begin at 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. and can then take a lunch break by 1:00 p.m. This way you will be able to complete sufficient work without any major interruptions.

3. Set Ground Rules with Your Team Members

A team leader will have to manage multiple people from a home-based office. These individuals can be from your own city or any part of the world. It is mandatory to introduce rules and regulations to the entire team so they know how to work and what types of tasks and projects to accomplish each day, or week, etc. You can stipulate that your team come to the virtual office on time and incorporate effective time management skills. When the need arises, you should hire a service to write an essay or perform other tasks once you have implemented outsourcing rules and regulations. You can also make your vision, objectives and goals clear to your employees and freelancers. 

4. Eat Healthy and Schedule Breaks

Establish a varied menu of food and drinks to remain energetic, fresh, and healthy. 

One of the core remote work tips is that you should have a break or two during working hours. During this time, the team should be allowed to go anywhere, but once the break ends, they know to resume their work.

5. Leave Home

It is understandable that we feel more protected and safer at home than outside because of COVID-19. Nevertheless, it is important to leave home every day or two, enjoy the fresh air and have some fun with friends and family. 

At the same time, take care to observe the social distancing and mask-wearing regulations set by the government. You should always feel comfortable going outside to buy groceries or medications.

6. Ask for What You Need

If you want a regular or urgent project or task to be completed, assign the work to one of your team members and you can expect good results. If you have access to freelancers, you can also contract urgent assignments. 

7. Keep a Dedicated Office Space

Last but not least, you should establish a dedicated office space. You should have the right kind of office chair, computer, monitor, printer, keyboard, mouse, and software.

This area should be free from distractions and be spacious enough to let in fresh air and sunlight. In this office space, you can keep all the things you need to do the work peacefully and efficiently.

When you keep all of these points in mind, it will be easy for you to set up a successful home office, whether you’re a team leader, employee or freelancer. We hope the problem of coronavirus is solved soon so everyone can once again leave our homes to earn a living.

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