It’s officially 2022. Editing video is the new self-publishing. Every nonprofit professional has or is trying to learn it. The two classic standard programs for video editing are very expensive. However, there are a bunch of really good programs for free. 

CreativeBloq ran a comparative review of the best free video editing software, which is likely to cover 99% of most uses. They weighed the pros and cons of the best options available today to make it easier to pick which programs suit your needs. You’ll find direct links to the best paid for video editing software that offers free trials as well as their selection of the best free-forever video editing software. 

They clearly explain which programs offer features like stylized filters and transitions, layer-based editing, and even audio editing. It’s hard to find free software that offers all of this in one single package, but some do come very close. 

You have no excuses now. Start your “vlogs” today!!

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