Ahh. Another beautiful Seder.

Sparkling divrei Torah. Stirring singing. Delicious brisket. Family togetherness. Struggling to keep your eyes open as you mop up the late-night wine spills, you sigh in contentment. What a beautiful experience you just enjoyed! A cousin stops you on the way into the kitchen, hands full

of dirty glasses. “How’d you like the vort (Torah thought) I shared during the meal?” he asks.

“The one about carrying the Seder into your life? Beautiful, beautiful,” you beam at him.

And then you stop, and furrow your brow. You’ve heard many such divrei Torah. Insights about how much there is to gain from the Seder. About the power the Seder holds to impact your avodas Hashem. About the importance of growing from the Seder, using it to strengthen

your connection to Hashem and commitment to Torah and mitzvos. But you’ve never really left your Seder with that kind of concrete growth. Your eyes follow your cousin as he disappears into the kitchen.

Carry the Seder into your life? What does that mean? How are you supposed to do it? You shake your head. Too tired to think about this now. You try to get back to your previous train of thought – because your Seder really had been beautiful.

Yes, says a little inner voice you barely hear, but… what did I really gain from it all? What am I coming away with?

What if you had a concrete answer to share with that inner voice? What if you really knew how to extract the growth you’re supposed to be gaining from the Seder? What if your Seder wasn’t just a nice, inspiring experience? What if it could change your life? Help you reach a completely

new level in your avodas Hashem?

On the Seder night, our mitzvah is to retell the story of Yetzias Mitzrayim (the Exodus). And we do. We talk about Pharaoh and torture and Makkos and miracles. But there’s a deeper story the Haggadah is trying to tell us. Yetzias Mitzrayim is not just the story of how our ancient forefathers gained freedom from Egypt. It’s the story of the birth of the Jewish people as a nation. It tells us the purpose for our creation. It tells us about Hashem’s plan for helping

us achieve that purpose. And it gives us marching orders so we can actually go ahead and achieve it.

These marching orders apply to every single member of the Jewish people. Including you. Yes. The story of Yetzias Mitzrayim is a story about you. It tells you about the purpose of your creation. It tells you about Hashem’s plan to help you achieve that purpose, that mission.

And it gives you marching orders so you can go ahead and achieve it. Starting today.

The real story of Yetzias Mitzrayim hasn’t ended yet. We’re still living it. And we’re meant to continue living it “kol yemei chayecha,” every day of our lives. Living the story of Hashem’s

plan for us. Bringing our mission to completion.

Not sure what all this means? Don’t worry. That’s what the Haggadah is for – to tell you your story. To help you actively step into it, so you can really live it, move it forward.

This guidebook is here to help you through the process. Based on the teachings of Rav Reuven Leuchter, shlita, these pages help you draw the messages you’re meant to draw from each section of Maggid. So you can learn what you’re here in this world to do. And actively start doing it.

Read this guidebook, and you won’t just have an inspiring Seder. You’ll come out with concrete growth. You’ll take your place as a hero in the ultimate story of life. The place Hashem

has been waiting for you to fill for 3334 years.

Please click here to download The Haggadah – Your Story. Your Mission.

Rabbi Levi Lebovits is the Director of the Vaad Project, Yeshiva Toras Chaim of Denver. Click here to sign up for the weekly avodah emails.

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