Our last post introduced readers to Lob, the helpful online site that streamlines the delivery of your mailings to donors and more for a reasonable fee! This post introduces you to another app that helps for the occasional or dare we say…”special mailing.” You know when you have someone who you really want to thank and send them something personalized? This can really make a difference to a donor or to a family who has a loved one in the hospital. 

The tagline for TouchNote is: “Share a moment of kindness today” and this is one helpful app we can certainly recommend to our readership of nonprofit professionals who run outreach and chesed organizations.

Why? Because personalizing a postcard makes it more memorable, and by extension, it strengthens the impact and bond that this person/family has with you/your organization. 

Now…you are a person who is on the go and works with your phone, laptop, Bluetooth all day, etc. No worries! 

All of this can easily be sent from an app and is something that people will cherish, put on their refrigerator, etc. Download the TouchNote app, which offers shipping around the globe and give it a try. We are certain that you and your organization will see how this is a handy tool to help advance your cause. 

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