This page offers links that are certain to help the Jewish Educator when it comes to designing or enhancing educational materials or curriculum.

Enables Mechanchim and Mechanchos worldwide to share quality educational ideas and materials.

The Jerusalem Kollel Online Classes
Includes: 100’s of PDF’s, audio, video, and source sheets from Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits.

Smart Board Jewish Educational Database
This SJED portal contains a database of SMART Board lessons submitted by Jewish educators throughout the world. A selection of Useful Links and Library of SMART Board resources is also available.

Smartboards in Jewish Education
This project is a collaboration of the Legacy Heritage Fund, Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education, and the Avi Chai Foundation. It is designed to give teachers schools ideas, training, and resources with links to helpful information and lesson plan databases.

This site features major texts such as Tanach, Mishna, Talmud, Midrash (some in English, some in Hebrew). Visitors to the site are asked to add any commentaries or other connected sources to each existing source and can seamlessly build their own clean looking source sheets.

Pirchei Shoshanim
Pirchei Shoshanim provides free innovative educational materials. Also offers a full series of illustrated lessons on subjects such as Shmiras HaLashon, Halachos of Shabbos; the halachos of day-to-day activities, from Modeh Ani to the bedtime Shema; parshah sheets and a complete picture series of Pirkei Avos. Plus, Educators can also discuss questions and problems in an international forum.

DataJEM: The Database of Jewish Educational Materials
Profiles of thousands of offline materials (books, films, computer software, games, websites, posters, maps and journals).

Shema Yisrael Torah Network
Educational resources include online children’s books, links to Shema Yisrael Torah Network Teacher’s Exchange, and other interactive resources.

Rabbi Ullman: Jewish Mysticism Source Sheets
Ullman provides well researched classes on topics such as dreams, reincarnation, ghosts, magic and more!

Educational Resources of
A collection including lesson plans as well as sites about heterogeneous instruction, curriculum integration, and the role of the elementary school in coping with stress from emergency situations.


Engaging Jewish Teenage Boys: A Call to Action
The Jewish community is losing boys who drop out of Jewish life after bar mitzvah in unacceptably large numbers. Jewish institutions are struggling to keep teenage boys engaged. Left unaddressed, the trend threatens to undermine the Jewish future and leave a generation of boys ignorant of the wisdom, core values, community, and spiritual nourishment Judaism provides. This report draws on knowledge distilled from three years of research, focus groups with Jewish boys, and program development.