Shabbos is the holy day of rest. This page provides resources, articles, videos and more to help you or others have an inspiring Shabbos!

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This is a great inspiring video by the band, 8th Day. It is called, “It’s Shabbos Now!” and could be a great video to show at the beginning of a class, get people into the mood for Shabbos or simply forward on to a student.

This video is a comical one that you could use to explain to members/students the importance of an Eruv. It could also be used as a trigger video to start a Contemporary Halacha Class on Eruvin. In this clip, Wyatt Cenac interviews members of the Jewish community in West Hampton Beach, Long Island, about a proposed eruv. Aside from spelling out what an Eruv looks like, and the cultural tensions that exist in the creation of an Eruv in America today, it is also very, very funny.