Ahead of the annual Shabbos Project weekend we bring to you this free new eBook!

Shabbos is the goal of Creation! By observing Shabbos we proclaim that G-d created the universe, gave us the Torah, and is directly involved in guiding the history of the world. Consequently, Shabbat manifests the essence of Judaism and Jewish life. The centrality of Shabbos is reflected in the Torah by its inclusion in the Ten Commandments, which are repeated twice.

The first occurrence teaches that G-d created the world in six days and rested on the Shabbat and the second time reminds us that G-d redeemed us from Egypt.

Nevertheless, as we go through life, routine can set in and numb our appreciation for the amazing gift of Shabbos. This free ebook by Rabbi Moshe Goldberg delves into seven questions can help restore and keep vital the primacy of Shabbos in our lives.



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