Below you will find wonderful resources to help you simply dip your feet wet or really unlock the potential and power that is social media.

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  • The Complete Facebook Guide for Non-profits
    This guide is a must read if you are considering using Facebook in your marketing campaign
  • Animals rule the Facebook nonprofit kingdom
    Worth reading to see if you can use something that will help serve as a trigger for your nonprofit!
  • How a Facebook Event Transformed an Organization
    Debra Askanese provides an in-depth analysis about how Sviva Israel used Facebook Events to tie online and offline organizing, and how it transformed the organization in the process.
  • Marketing with a Custom Facebook Cover Image 
    Social media is now one of the main ways businesses promote their products, services and events. The example here is of’s Facebook page with a cover image advertising a webinar. The yellow striped area leads the eye down to where one can register for this event. The viewer can very easily see where to click! The trick is to using the Facebook layout (or other social media) to your best advantage to generate leads not simply for a webinar but for your class, trip, or event.
  • Comprehensive Facebook Guide
    The Comprehensive Facebook Guide is free and compliments of

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