Social media websites offer huge opportunities for nonprofits. Instead of trying to reach out to donors and supporters solely by organizing events, these organizations have a chance to attract a greater audience if they use social media networks with a smart strategy.

Are you interested in learning how a social media marketing strategy can lead to good results? Follow these 10 tips!

1.       Do not delay the start of your campaign!

Every day means new followers and tons of attention on social media networks. If your organization still hasn’t established an online presence, today is the best day to start! How do you do that? Choose the right networks! The size is important, so Facebook and Twitter may seem like you best options. However, the decision should not be based solely upon that. Think about the mission of your organization, explore the platforms and see which one is the best fit.

2.       Show your mission!

When someone is intrigued by an update you shared, he will want to learn something more about you. What’s your mission? Does your organization have an office? Is it open for new activists? One of the first things you should do is provide all needed information on your profile. 

3.       Work on it!

Your private profile may function even though you don’t frequently update, but passivity is not the right strategy to adopt when social media marketing is in question. The only way to extend an organization’s reach is to be active! Facebook allows you to create events, so use that feature to attract more supporters. Experiment with your options, publish posts on a regular basis, answer questions and engage in discussions.

4.       Don’t be negative!

Nonprofit organizations are very specific about their missions. Some groups, however, have become overzealous in advocating their position and have alienated others in the process. Show respect for other people’s opinions even if it’s contrary to what you believe. Your organization’s social media presence is not a place to resolve differences. Keep calm and try to respond to every comment with respect. 

5.       Learn some hacks!

Social media websites do come with a learning curve. When you get a grasp of the tricks, you’ll boost the visibility of your profile in no time. For example, hashtags are very important, but you need to know how to use them. Also, when posting a tweet, you can get all your followers to see it by adding a period before the username. 




6.       Use the potential of YouTube

Only a few nonprofits are aware of the power of video. Your cause will gain increased exposure through YouTube’s Nonprofit Program, which adds a Donate button to your videos. All viewers who would like to contribute towards your cause can do that instantly.

7.       Share links and interesting content!

The social media activity doesn’t need to include solely original content. Avoid too much self-promotion so the profile will be more attractive to your followers. Your presence will still be based on calls to action, but you should spice it up by offering awesome online content that your fans and followers would love to see.

8.       Form a connection with your supporters!

You get a chance to connect with your supporters on a daily basis, so show that you appreciate their contributions. Monitor the overall satisfaction, see what interests your followers have, understand the reasons why the donors want to contribute, and seek out the reasons why other people decide to neglect your calls to action. By doing a proper analysis, you will be able to up your game.

9.       You are allowed to be repetitive

If your organization has a single cause, don’t be afraid to remind your audience what it’s all about. Of course, you cannot share the same update several times a day. However, it’s okay to go back on something really important from time to time.

10.   Use effective content creation tools

The success on social media platforms is based upon the content you publish. Consider using the following tools that can enable your organization to gain both visibility and credibility:

  • Topsy is a tool that enables you to search the social web and analyze popular content. Enter a keyword related to your mission, and you’ll find the trending updates, videos, photos, tweets, and influencers. You can share their content on your profile, or make an effort to create something better.
  • Canva will turn you into a designer in no time. It’s important to post unique visual content that will make your organization recognizable. With Canva, you can create invitations, posters, Facebook covers, presentations, and other visual content without any struggle.
  • Freepik enables you to find free illustrations, vector art, photos, and other visual content that you can use for your cover photos, presentations, and other updates.
  • Tweak Your Biz Title Generator will help you come up with captivating titles for the articles you are about to write. When you share such content on social media, its success is dependent upon the title.
  • Write My Essay is the perfect editing service for people and organizations that want to post flawless content, but don’t have the budget to hire their own editor. The editors at this website are true experts, but they work for a fraction of the price you would normally pay.
  • The Readability Test Tool is for organizations not ready to invest in editing to help ensure that content is readable.  It is the ultimate editing tool for people who get carried away with words. You can also find helpful writing and editing tips in their blog section.




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