What is Halachipedia?

Halachipedia is not a posek. In fact, the site openly makes this proclamation on their About Us page. What the free site does offer the rabbi or educator is an organized list of topics that starts from the basics and then work through many different aspects of Halacha. Arguably the best feature of the site is the fact that it was designed to present the material in the aesthetically clean format of Wikipedia. In terms of the sources that Halachipedia references, this website only cites Orthodox authorities.

How Halachipedia is Useful

While the site will never replace the scholarly pages of a Mishna Berura or Aruch HaShulchan, it does allow you to quickly review the sugya and see the citations in a way that will help you prepare for a class or even answer a question. Like Wikipedia, Halachipedia encourages others to join in the collaborative process to further enhance the pages and overall offerings of the site.

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