The English Department of The Halacha Education Center, directed by HaRav Yosef Zvi Rimon, produces theFrom the Source with Spirit series of educational materials. When  completed, the series will feature a comprehensive range of curricula in halacha, offering a depth of understanding through an educational approach that is inspiring and interesting for contemporary students.

Each curriculum includes two books:

  1. A Student Book that enables students to actively participate in the learning process, serving as a cross between a textbook and a workbook.
  2. A Teacher Guide which includes the entire student book plus answers to the questions in the student book, explanations, additional materials for advanced students, teaching aids and more.

The curricula are geared for high school classroom instruction or adult learning initiatives, and have already made major headways in the Jewish community. The first curriculum, From the Source with Spirit, Hilchot Kashrut, became available last year and has already been studied by over 1000 students.

Promotional samples of the student and teacher materials can be seen here: Student Sample, and Teacher Sample. Hopefully the samples will give a little taste of the colorful presentation and the educational approach to teaching halacha that is the hallmark of these works.
The second curriculum, From the Source with Spirit, Hilchot Shabbat, has already been ordered for over 1000 students for the upcoming school year.  A promotional sample of the student and teacher’s books can be seen here.

The Center is currently developing a new curriculum on Hilchot Tefillah, planned for publication next year.

Orders can be placed through the online order form here. For questions or comments, please feel free to be in touch with the production manager, Rabbi Yitzchak Bodner, at:



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