Many rabbis and educators around the world are aware of and use the free resources provided by Ner LeElef. From our NLE Morasha Syllabus classes to our new NLE Thinking Gemara Series, our readers can choose from an assortment of beautifully prepared source-sheets and topics to benefit themselves and their students.

At the same time, we like to keep our readership updated with the latest new outside resources and tools that can further enhance their classes, learning, and preparation of events and programming.

And so, we want to bring to your attention a new free resource site created by NCSY.

While there are certain pages of the site that apply strictly to those who are within NCSY (such as this one), what’s really great about the new site called NCSY Education Center is that it offers prepared source-sheets on Israel and Mitzvot as well as on interesting topics like, The Titanic: A Jewish Perspective and Atheism Revisited: What Atheism Has Learned from Religion.

The site is built so that visitors can read the sheets online or download them for further learning and reading. Plus, there’s a section on the site (see here) that shows you how to format and customize the source-sheets to look more appealing to your audience and tailor-make them for your needs.

We very much encourage you to have a look at this new site. We are certain that you will find tons of great shiurim that you can use and will be enjoyed by both the scholar and layperson.



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