We are excited to present a new resource to our readers: NCSY has recently launched an Education website for teachers, teen advisors, and Jewish Education professionals.

The new website offers hundreds of materials to help Jewish teens relate to the Torah’s teachings, understand their Jewish identity, explore their inner thoughts and feelings, and strengthen their connection to Israel. Materials are presented in a variety of formats including activity plans, text-based Torah sessions (with Torah sources in Hebrew and English), thought-provoking video clips, eye-catching infographics, and inspirational Torah quotes. The site is growing quickly with new materials added each week.You can search for content by tag (e.g. oral law, miracles, gratitude, belief in God) and media type (ex. video, activity, text-based session, etc.). The development of collections (Purim collectionJSU club collectionIsrael collection, etc.) is currently in progress.

The site also hosts NCSY’s weekly parsha sheets which will enable you to master Chumash and machshava fundamentals all in one year!

Check out NCSY’s new Education site for ready-made content to use with teens, or search the site for ideas to spark your own creativity.


If you have feedback on the site, please email NCSY’s Director of Education, Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin, at dbash@ou.org. (The site is still in the beta testing stage, so NCSY really appreciates your feedback!)

(If you don’t have feedback, but still want to make his day, follow Rabbi Bashevkin on Twitter: @dbashideas.  It’s got half the Torah content of the NCSY site, but twice the nonsense!  🙂 )

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