As a rabbi and educator, you lead a very busy life. Often, you may wish that you could have access to your own personal assistant. Instead, getting all your errands done and juggling your personal and professional responsibilities seem impossible! Truth be told, even if your life is by and large stress-free, you may want to use a personal assistant just to help you during your “busy season” when you are selling tickets to your raffle, right before Pesach, if your wife just gave birth, and so on and so forth.

Well, guess what?

Personal assistants are no longer a perk for the high powered. Nowadays, you don’t have to be a big company or the CEO to make use of and hire your very own personal assistant.

For a little more than a dollar a day you can lighten your load and have your very own personal assistant by using This site has become a wildly popular and successful service and was named the #2 Website of the Year by Time Magazine. can help you with tasks ranging from picking up things from the dry cleaner to making appointments for all your kids at the dentist!

Several Applications

  • While your small organization or community kollel can’t afford a full team of secretaries, you could use the “on demand” when you are particularly swamped.
  • can serve as a unique gift to a donor. Likewise, to be able to offer a personal assistant for a month in a chinese auction will certainly raise eyebrows and make your cause stand out from the crowd.
  • Looking for a unique gift for your wife? This certainly is a great one to always have in your backpocket!

UPDATE: There’s a new site that is now offering a virtual secretary that can cater to the needs of a Jewish organization. For more information see the video below.


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