Recently, we featured a service called that allows typical people like you and me to have a personal assistant (you can read all about it here). In this blog post we are going to highlight a new service that will give you assistance in the area of writing those ever so important fundraising letters, thank you notes, and so on and so forth.

In Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive, Robert Cialdini describes how even a small amount of personalization in the form of a hand written Post-it note can trigger and increase a response to a mailing by as much as 75%! I’m sure you can only imagine how well a potential donor may respond if they receive a hand written letter from you—and not just something that smells like they are receiving something that was printed and mailed out to thousands of people.

And yet, nowadays even if you find the time to write all these letters to each person, you may feel tired after writing less than a single page. After all, many people have for all intents and purposes replaced writing with typing.  Still, we can’t ignore the fact that handwritten letters have a special personal touch. Plus, they will help your message stand out to a donor who receives a daily flood of personal and business emails and spam.

And so, if you just have no time for writing dozens of these letters yourself, Handiemail is the perfect service for you. Just submit your email and they will handwrite your lines and send them off to the real postbox of the recipient. The service is also provided the other way around — in case you have issues with typing. While you may not need Handiemail on a daily basis, it is a handy site to bookmark!

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