We’ve covered TED Talks twice (see 875 TED Talks in a Handy Spreadsheet and Looking for Great Quotes? Check out TED Quotes. However, in this latest installment we wanted to bring to your attention that the people over at TED have been hard at work on a new project that could enhance your ability to teach Hebrew. TED Open Translation Project brings TED Talks beyond the English-speaking world by offering subtitles, interactive transcripts and the ability for any talk to be translated by volunteers worldwide. As such, if you head on over here, you’ll find a growing number of TED Talks that have include captioning in Hebrew.

Application for Educators

This site can come in handy when it comes to teaching people Hebrew. If you are someone who teaches at a Yeshiva High School or are teaching Hebrew in a kiruv setting, you can assign each person in your class with having to go home and listen to several TED Talks. People will not only enjoy the informative talks—but they’ll also like the break from having to do another set of flash cards or read more pages in a textbook. Best of all, viewers can click the “show transcript” tab and read (or be assigned to read) the transcript that is now also available in Hebrew.

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