We recently featured a blog entitled, What is a QR Code and Why You Should Use One! As a follow-up to this post, we want to tell you about an additional tool that will further enhance the easy use of QR codes. Until recently, if you wanted to assign a QR code to a document or source sheet from a class you just gave, it wasn’t that easy.

Now you can!

Tag My Doc is a relatively new service that easily allows you to assign and print a QR code on any of your documents. While Tag My Doc does offer a service in which you have to submit payment, the free version should be more than you need! It allows you to store up to 1GB of documents on your Tag My Doc account. Plus, you can opt to password protect your documents and customize the overall look of your paper by choosing the placement of the QR code on your document. Theres are many ways that this free resource can come in handy. For instance, it will eliminate the need for you to give out extra copies when/if a student(s) loses the paper documents you handed out in class. Feel free to learn more about Tag My Doc by watching the video that appears below:

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