The other day a fellow called me and asked me if I could help him drum up clientele for a new business venture he is considering. One of the approaches he considered was having an open house where potential clients could come and sample his services for free. He asked me what I thought about the approach. I told him that I am not a business person (although it never ceases to amaze me how many people seek advice from me on many subjects which I have no expertise in). However, I will hear him out.

After he told me about his plan to have an open house and potential clients could come for free, I mentioned to him that “be careful what you wish for, it may come true”.

When he asked me to explain I told him that people who come to see your product for free may often become your clients, however, just as in the beginning they were ‘free’ clients, they will expect to remain free clients forever.

He did the event anyway.

A little while later he called me and said that I was correct, he is now busy as a bee, however, all of his clients want A-1 service for rock bottom price and he is going broke being busy!

He asked me if I was a Navi (prophet) or something; how else would I know what would happen. I told him it was simple. I am no Navi and have no clairvoyance; however, I have experience.

For instance, just a few weeks ago I was thinking how nice it would be to have a few days off to rest and not have to be in the office the entire day. How relaxing it would be not to have to get up early for one or two days and get some more rest? Perhaps a change of scenery would give me an additional mid-winter push of inspiration. It would be nice to be somewhere where someone brought you your meals and someone made your bed. As thoughts of a change of venue danced in my dreams, I awoke to find that my wishes and dreams had indeed come true.

I awoke to find myself in a very expensive bed and in a place where all I had to do what press a button and people came rushing to meet my needs. I found myself in a room where my meals were carried to my bed and I could order what I wanted from a menu. I was in a new multi-million dollar climate controlled facility; a place where people rush to enter even in the middle of the night; a place where some of the brightest and most intelligent people work and spend their days; a place where a night stay costs hundreds of dollars.

As I rubbed my eyes and adjusted them to my new surroundings I realized my dreams and wishes had been fulfilled.
As my eyes adjusted to the new venue and my mind grasped the enormity of the changes which had occurred literally overnight, I noticed someone standing to my side.

As I looked up I heard the woman say, “Mr. Eisenman, I hope you had a good rest, we will be taking you to the operating room now.”

I did not have to get up early for the next couple of days. My meals were brought to me on a tray. My bed was made for me daily. Many people hovered over to me to ensure I was having a pleasant stay. And I just kept thinking, “Be careful what you wish for…it may come true.”

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