At NLE Resources, we keep our eye on the news to bring you timely articles and links that we think a rabbi or Jewish educator would find interesting! We have decided to share some of these links in a weekly feature on the blog. Enjoy!

1) Four Words That Double Persuasion.

2) Top 10 FBI Behavioral Unit Techniques For Building Rapport With Anyone.

3) How To Be More Confident: 5 Research Backed Methods.

4) Two fascinating stories on antibiotics. Antibiotics Can’t Keep Up With ‘Nightmare’ Superbugs and We’ve Reached “The End of Antibiotics, Period

5) Why Do Leaves Turn Different Colors?

6) This reporter challenged hackers to investigate him and what they found out is chilling.

7) The 50 Greatest Breakthroughs Since the Wheel.

8) Are Smartphones Turning Us Into Bad Samaritans? Busy with our tablets and smartphones in public places, we may be losing our sense of duty to others.

9) The Mpenba effect— Why hot water freezes faster than cold water.

10) Mastering The Art Of Conversation: 7 Steps To Being Smooth.


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