In an earlier post (see here), we learned about the powerful free platform called Flipboard and explored several reasons as to why nonprofits should consider starting their own easy to produce magazine.

In this post, you will learn just how easy it is to create your very own Flipboard magazine. You will also discover how you can use your Flipboard magazines to grow and strengthen both your relationships and marketing efforts.

How To Create a Flipboard Magazine

When you find an article, photo, video or post that is on the topic of the magazine you would like to create, tap the “+” button to add a magazine. You will then be prompted to create a magazine. Select “Create Magazine” to start a new magazine; give it a name, a description and a category, and then your content will be placed in the magazine.

Show That You Care!

One great way to use a Flipbook to boost your organizations image is to “show you care.

Today, people are connected 24/7. Brands and nonprofits alike can reach out to their dedicated consumers and donors in new ways that were never available before. If a brand or nonprofit wants to use social media effectively, they do so by building a personal relationship, which makes the customers feel like friends. In short, they use social media to show that despite the busy world we live in, they care!

For instance, the Twitter handle for National Car Rental is @NationalCares. Their name itself is a great way to clearly let consumers know that they care and are on social media to not simply be heard—but to also listen and help.

One such way that you can do so using a Flipboard magazine is by offering links that provide handy tips to your students on how to make an easy Shabbos dish or provide them with an inspiring video on Shabbos that was recently released.

In so doing, your students who subscribe to your Flipboard magazine can read on their smartphones and tablets great and inspiring articles that you didn’t necessarily spend countless hours writing—but that you are certain will help influence and encourage them to move in a positive direction and strengthen their Shabbos observance. Keep in mind: these links, articles and videos all help you build a relationship with students and donors at no additional cost.

Different Topics

Recently, Flipboard rolled out a new feature that allows you to create multiple magazines in different categories. This allows you to utilize their free platform without having to put all your content on one page! With this option, you can create dozens of magazines for your classes.

For instance, if you have one class that teaches about Jewish Medical Ethics, you can create a magazine dedicated to sharing links and other sorts of content that is strictly related to the weekly topic of your shiur. Another magazine can focus on the topic of Kiddush Hashem and share stories such as this one.

Even though you think that it has gone viral, chances are that there are still some people who haven’t read about the Connecticut rabbi who bought a desk on Craigslist for $200; found $98,000 inside; and returned the money. In so doing, you are keeping your class fresh on their minds and helping people keep the topic on their radar–without coming across as pushy.

Share Your Services…in Moderation

The key to any brand or nonprofit promoting itself is not just talking about their offerings and services. You can use your Flipboard magazine as a perfect vehicle to follow Pareto’s Principle (the 80/20 rule). Keep 80 percent flipped from across the web and twenty percent allotted to promotion and content of your events, classes and services.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic 

Inasmuch as it’s important to employ the 80/20 rule mentioned above, there are people out there today who love reading websites strictly in the Flipboard content. For those folks, create your own Flipboard magazine for your organizations website and blog. All it takes is a one time set up and all of your posts will forever appear in a magazine format. Due to the amount of users that Filpboard has quickly amassed, this magazine only can quickly lead to referrals and increase traffic to your website, and by extension, your fundraisers, classes, events, and services.

To learn more about Flipboard, checkout the short video below:



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