At NLE Resources, we keep our eye on the news to bring you timely articles and links that we think a rabbi or Jewish educator would find interesting! We have decided to share some of these links in a weekly feature on the blog. Enjoy!

1) 65% of World’s Top Brands Are Active on Instagram.

2) New Nonprofits Find Success Using Start-Up Mentality.

3) If only we could trust each other. Truly depressing shoplifting stats.

4) The Art of Fund-Raising in the Digital Age.

5) Meet the Orthodox snowboarder from The Wall Street Journal’s front page.

6) Are shopping malls going extinct? The economy and generational changes might be playing a role in their decline.

7) More and more people are skipping diet sodas due to health fears over artificial sweeteners.

8) 10 Charts from 2013 That Changed the Way We Think 

9) The One Simple Thing That Can Make You Much More Impressive

10) Are You Making The Most Out Of Life? Here’s How You Can. Research from Harvard reveals what it takes to measure your life appropriately and to get the most out of it. If you read one article this week, this should be it.






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