We are only days into the new year.This year, it will only become harder to reach people and get them to come to your classes or consider attending your dinner.

And yet, while we’ve written helpful blog posts that highlight how your organization can use Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and more—everyone agrees that email remains a powerful and effective tool for connecting with a student or customer. It’s for this very reason that Fortune 500 companies invest a lot of time into crafting email newsletters.

But, even if your newsletter is well-designed and well-built, it has to be opened first. The key is to use a good, clear, concise and inviting email subject line that will grab the reader’s interest.

And so, we present you with these four websites below. We think that they are great resources to bookmark, and recommend that you review them since they provide timely insights for selecting good email subject lines.

1) Litmus’ Email Zeitgeist monitors subject lines and tracks ongoing trends. This site is incredibly useful as it allows you to see what “trigger words” are being used to get people to actually open an email newsletter. You’ll note that words will vary depending upon the month and season.

2) Mailchimp’s Subject Line Data provides details about what works and doesn’t work in subject lines. This site is a must bookmark!

3) CampaignMonitor suggests using symbols in some cases. While this may seem “childish”, the use of symbols and emoticons is incredibly powerful and useful. For example, if your email or email newsletter is going out to a group of teens, your use of an emoticon may be the very reason why a bunch of teens suddenly responds to the email or chooses to attend your event!

4) Adestra provides a Subject Line Analysis Report (PDF) from the study of 2.2 billion emails. This PFF has a lot of data and a lot of useful tips to get better and smarter with your subject lines.

All in all, if you are looking to see an improved open rate on your emails or email newsletters, before you click “Send”, consider reviewing your subject line and spending just a couple of minutes on the above mentioned sites.




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