Looking for a fun and easy way to raise critical dollars for your organization over the spring and summer?

Consider a Swim-a-Thon fundraising event!

As opposed to a marathon in which participants run miles, swimmers of all ages earn money for your organization by swimming laps in the pool or teaming up with others to swim long distances.

While this event can be held at the swimming pool of your local JCC, you can also personalize the fundraiser by hosting it at the home of one of your students, congregants or donors.

In order for this event to run smoothly, make sure that you give your swimmers enough time to get pledges from family, neighbors or businesses to support their efforts. Donors can either pledge a certain amount of money per lap, or make a flat donation in support of your organization.

OK. Ready to really consider this event as the next big fundraiser for your institution?

First, read How to Plan a Swim-a-Thon which provides you with ten easy steps that will help you in ensuring that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Next, make sure that you implement some of the ideas found here. This link is full of great ideas that will help you engage and motivate swimmers and donors. It also icludes ideas that will help you follow up with all those who came to swim and donate to your cause.

Now that you have some great ideas and know how to plan the event, you are ready to sign up volunteers who will become your swimmers.

Check out this Swim-a-Thon Contract used by the USA Swimming Foundation. Feel free to use it for inspiration and then create your own version so that your contract will work for both your swimmers and donors.


Looking for a Jewish organization who has utilized such an event successfully? Look no further.

Sadnat Shiluv B’Emunah is an Israeli-based organization that provides schooling, residential facilities, and vocational training in agriculture for developmentally challenged individuals. For several years running, they have held an annual women’s only Swim-a-Thon called: Swim4Sadna.

In order to participate, each swimmer must commit to raise a minimum of 2,000 shekels in donations.

When it came to promoting their event, they built a special Facebook page (see here) for their annual Swim-a-Thon. They also created a special stand-alone website (see here). If you are looking for a free way to quickly create a good looking site for your next event, read our blogpost here.

Below, is how their promotional material for the event appeared:

 Swimming Fundraiser

We hope that you have enjoyed the latest installment in our Great Sports-related Fundraising series of blogposts. Look out for the next one coming soon!


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