There are a number of shuls across America that both focus on and excel at outreach. However, in light of the Pew numbers and the terrible disappearance of our fellow Jews through intermarriage and assimilation, National Council of Young Israel (NCYI) has decided that they have a tremendous amount to offer shuls when it comes to setting up a successful outreach program.

To that end, NCYI has has hired Rabbi Yakov Couzens (formerly of Aish HaTorah Philadelphia) to lead and create a new division called: “One Community.”

In the coming months, “One Community” will provide support and programs to both Young Israel-affiliated shuls and outreach organizations at-large. This new program has already received tremendous support (see here)  from leading rabbis, rebbetzins and community leaders from across the Jewish world. For more information about this new national initiative, you can contact Rabbi Yakov Couzens directly at: ryc at youngisrael dot org or 212-929-1525 ext. 101.



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