The National Council of Young Israel (NCYI) has recently created “Gabbai2Gabbai,” a monthly forum via conference call to aid the development of the gabbaim in your shul. This is certainly something that a new or seasoned gabbai in your shul or outreach center could benefit from knowing about and joining in on the monthly forum.

The monthly conference call with gabbaim from across the United States addresses important issues and challenges that shul gabbaim face on a regular basis.

The inaugural “Gabbai2Gabbai” conference call was led by Rabbi Dovid Heber of Baltimore, Maryland. Originally a member of the Young Israel of St. Louis, Missouri, Rabbi Heber is currently the director of the STAR-K computer department, oversees its kashrus database and automation, and is the rabbi of a synagogue.

Among the topics discussed by Rabbi Heber were “Mourners and Yahrtzeits: Who has preference?”, “Determining Yahrtzeit Dates”, “Zmanim: Daily and Year Round Issues”, “Tachanun: Yes or No?”, and “Krias HaTorah and Aliyos Issues: What to Read and Whom to Call Up.”

“All About Kohanim” was the focus of April’s conference call featuring Rabbi Moshe Taub of the Young Israel of Greater Buffalo, New York. Rabbi Taub is a kohen, a gabbai, and is the Rav Hamachshir of the Buffalo Vaad HaKashrut.


The “Gabbai2Gabbai” calls are open to gabbaim of all shuls regardless of affiliation with NCYI. For more information about the new “Gabbai2Gabbai” initiative, you can contact Young Israel’s director of rabbinic services, Rabbi Binyamin Hammer at 212-929-1525 x104 or via email at bhammer at youngisrael dot org.

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